Who's your daddy?

Your PitchDaddy Crew

Just a bunch of awesome professionals who love to help your business grow.


Michael Koenka

The Daddy

Michael Koenka is a pitch and investment consultant who helps you find great ideas, frame them so people can understand, and use behavioural psychology to influence anyone, anytime, and anywhere.


Karin van Soest

THE BRO (Business Relationship Optimizer)

Karin helps businesses develop highly lucrative partnerships. She advises and coaches thousands of startups on their accelerator applications, and is known for her masterful outreach and intro emails.


Daria Nepriakhina

The Big D

Daria loves helping startups grow – fast. She excels at improving ideas through customer development and is highly sought after for her expertise in early stage validation, UX and solution optimization.

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Barbara Rogoski

Presentation Expert

Barbara is an executive speaker advisor for Fortune 500 companies and is a senior TEDx consultant for presentations and award-winning presenters.


Maarten Fijnaut

Business Performance Expert

Maarten is an expert in improving business performance and presentation excellence by training, motivating, and supporting your growth.


Bodei Brouwer

Legendmaking Storyteller

Bodei is talented at helping you inject fun and theatrics to presentations, and craft exciting stories for otherwise mundane business presentations.

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Martine de Ridder

Business Modelling Expert

Martine de Ridder is a business modelling expert. She helps you create future-proof business models, crystal clear visions and thought-through strategies.

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